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NWA 4898
Lunar basalt
Pieces of special
A unique and unpaired Lunar meteorite and a new type of Lunar Basalt, the youngest ever found. It represents a so far un-sampled mantle source.
Only a few pieces left for sale.
Except for the moon rocks from the Apollo missions and dust particles from the Stardust mission, meteorites uniquely provide the opportunity to hold extraterrestrial matter in our hands.
Many of our expertly prepared specimens are found in famous museums and countless private collections. We always closely cooperate with scientists in the U.S. and Europe, and we hold the main masses of almost all the meteorites we sell. We prepare, cut and finish all our specimens, resulting in the best possible quality.  Our selection includes the rarest of classes: Martian and Lunar meteorites and several rare chondritic and achondrite classes.
As a result of the experience of touch, combined with the fascination for the universe, many enthusiasts have developed a personal, lifelong and fulfilling passion to collect space rocks. On our sales pages, we are offering many different meteorite types for sale, from valuable display pieces to affordable starter pieces to ignite the passion in anyone not familiar with the amazement of meteorites.
Mars meteorite NWA 6162
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